SET DESIGN > ORFEO ED EURIDICE by Christoph Willibald Gluck

MFA Thesis Project: A Theoretical Production
San Francisco State University, 2008

Set, costumes and lighting conceptualized, designed and staged for theoretical
production at the Metropolitan Opera, NYC.

"Life begins with the egg. A perfect form of nature, it is pierced, impregnated and opened. On this stage, a hero and his universal story are born. Challenged by pain but strengthened by love, Orpheus’ journey is our journey. We, at times, must travel down our individual roads, accompanied by landscapes with cracked edges, to discover the splendor. We, at times, must sink below the surface in order to reemerge, birthed as it were, to rediscover who we are and who we will be. As we transform, we must remember the broken form that birthed us, for it will remain with us, a shadow of the past and a key for the future."
-Maya Linke